Lemon Remedy Pure Pen by Wam Oil


Available wherever Recreational Cannabis Stores Throughout Washington.

Puffing on the Lemon Remedy Pure Pen by Wam Oil is reminiscent of being overcome by the Pacific Northwest-loving Lemon Verbana plant in the garden. Wafts of earthy-lemon flavor overtake your senses and provide that ultra-relief from summer time heat that only lemons can provide. Aside from flavor, Lemon Remedy is important in terms of cannabis products, because it provides a much-needed high CBD low THC product, perfect for those looking for pain relief without the constant grogginess of medicating with THC throughout the day. At 89 percent CBD, and 16.5 percent THC, this medicine provides both physical relief and a mild calming effect as well. Pain relief, body-loosening and relaxation mild mental relaxation, and an overall subtle underlying joyous feeling were noted by those who vaped the Lemon Remedy Pure Pen. With so many people looking for alternatives to harsh opioid pharmaceuticals, it’s encouraging to see such an accessible, delicious and medicinally powerful product on the market. Who knows, the secret to long-term pain management may be as easy and pleasant as puffing on the Lemon Remedy Pure Pen.

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