Lemon G Phoenix by Spectrum Available at: 14er Boulder in Boulder.

A good cannabis product begins with a healthy, clean plant—and 14er Boulder deserves props for providing the organically grown flower for this product, which was processed by Spectrum Concentrates. The appropriately named Lemon G Phoenix is a high potency crystalline terpene oil that is truly beautiful. Inside the glass jar sat sparkly, jagged, goop-covered pieces of THC crystals. The fresh terpene profile contained scents of sandalwood citrus and had that old-school skunk smell. The fruity and funky terpenes really carried through from the smell to the taste, leaving our mouths lemony fresh for a few minutes. The effects of the first hit came on strong and fast. At first the effect was powerful, and we felt energized and motivated. Eventually any feelings of anxiousness mellowed out, and we enjoyed a perfectly pleasant and relaxing effect. Whether you’re busy with bike rides, cleaning or gardening, reviewers reported that Lemon G Phoenix was an excellent strain for productivity or pain relief.

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