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Lemon Fuel OG






Available at SFFOGG in San Francisco.

San Francisco’s SFFOGG outlet serves fire with their Lemon Fuel OG top-shelf flower—a super-select cut of the popular strain. The high-potency sativa hybrid’s roots go back to Colorado’s Chemdawg, which is also a sativa. Chemdawg lends its biting, fuel smell to this bud’s near-light-bending waves of lemon aroma. This old-school cut of lemony OG had been exchanged through a small group of farmers in Mendocino for years, and was grown indoors with sustainable practices. Highly appealing, light-green, and crystalline—the buds were harvested at the perfect time, and properly dried and cured to preserve their explosive terpene-load. Grinding sent the lemon-fuel aroma off the charts, and lab testing by CW Analytical confirms Lemon Fuel OG is as maximally potent as it looks, with stress-relieving and hunger-inspiring effects.

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