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Photos by Jewels Gray, Photography by Jewels

Everyone has a vision for their special day. For some, it’s to be the blushing bride in white, the adoring betrothed standing amid a bouquet of fragrant flowers. For others, the pomp and circumstance doesn’t matter as much as the meaningful tradition of exchanging vows with their perfect partner. And for those of us who consider cannabis to be a meaningful, healing part of our lives, that special day can now involve that beloved herb.

“The best way to ensure a flawless event of any sort is to hire reliable vendors who will go above and beyond expectations.”

In states with legal cannabis, cannabis enthusiasts are living out their dreams with weddings curated around their tastes and styles—and include cannabis. In addition to premium cannabis products and the opportunity to imbibe them in style, these weddings also offer the same amenities as any classic wedding—lovely scenery and setting, pristine decorations and an overall gorgeous, high-end aesthetic.

CULTURE spoke with a few of the vendors who make these types of weddings possible, in order to find out what it takes to have a beautiful cannabis-friendly wedding, and how they make it a reality for engaged couples across the nation.

Photos by Jewels Gray, Photography by Jewels

Alyssa Ufer, Kaya Event Designs

“It is important to hire vendors who are familiar with cannabis regulations. Having a knowledgeable event team to guide you along the way is imperative to having a safe and compliant event.”

“I love highlighting the natural beauty of the plant. Both leaves and flower can be added to the floral, table settings, favors and more! There are so many ways to get creative and have fun incorporating cannabis in weddings. Many people are intrigued by, but weary of, cannabis. Weddings offer a safe and comfortable environment for them to experiment.”

Andrew Mieure, Top Shelf Budtending

“There are a few very important words of advice to those who are trying to book a cannabis-friendly wedding venue.  First off, they are actually pretty darn rare. Cannabis-friendly wedding venues change their mind about their policy on cannabis nearly every month. My suggestion to someone looking for venues would be to discover all cannabis-friendly wedding planners and ancillary service providers in the cannabis space.”

Ashley Schriener, Fluorescence

“The best way to ensure a flawless event of any sort is to hire reliable vendors who will go above and beyond expectations. For a cannabis wedding, staying compliant and legal is key!”

“As a florist, it’s fun to incorporate cannabis flowers in unique ways. It’s not a plant we get to play with often and adds a beauty, texture and fragrance unlike anything else.”

Jewels Gray, Photography by Jewels

“I love the way the buds and leaves photograph. They’re so interesting, and I love lots of texture in bouquets!”

“Cannabis weddings are a blast to photograph, and I love how the guests respond to the unique ways it is incorporated. We are so lucky to be able to share this with people who aren’t exposed to it on a daily basis, and it’s fun watching their reactions”

Natasha Williams, Clock Tower Events

“Our unique venue offers cannabis enthusiasts the opportunity to be able to experience the amazing mountain views and the city skyline from the top of the historic Daniels & Fisher Clock Tower. Clock Tower Events is a five-floor venue with two amazing balconies that wrap around the building; guests immediately gravitate to them to take it all in. Our space allows guests to legally consume cannabis responsibly in a private venue not accessible by the public.  The sky’s the limit as far as creativity goes for events here.”

Brad Harris, Vice President of Retail Operations, The Joint by Cannabis

“The Joint by Cannabis caters to both adult-use cannabis consumers as well as medical patients. Conveniently located in Denver’s Highlands neighborhood, The Joint is a premium destination for all your cannabis needs, without the premium price tag. We carry over 50 strains of high quality, locally grown cannabis and a wide variety of concentrates, edibles, topicals and other infused products and accessories.”

“The Joint by cannabis provides unparalleled customer service, product selection and competitive prices. Our dedicated staff work hard to ensure every customer leaves satisfied with his or her product selection and shopping experience. Don’t just take our word for it, The Joint by Cannabis was voted the No 1. Dispensary in Colorado by Leafly Readers and has a 4.9 out of 5 rating on Weedmaps.”

Greg Schriener, General Manager, HMI/Dragon Originals

“Herbal Medical Institute produces and markets DRAGON Original products for both medical and recreational dispensaries. DRAGON Original’s product family begins with and features a line fine hash oils. We were also the first company in Colorado to commercially produce Caviar (starting in 2011) and our Dragon Caviar is still the top-selling brand today!”

“What makes DRAGON Originals stand out is our commitment to our clients, and especially to their customers—the consumer. Our mission is to provide premium quality products, at a fair price, for both recreational cannabis enthusiasts and medical cannabis patients. DRAGON Original products are handcrafted with loving care and sold with a satisfaction guaranteed.”

Breanna Kirtland, Owner, Fluorescence

“The best support you can offer to a couple preparing for their wedding is a solid game plan and clear communication the entire way through. This way both parties know what to expect on the big day!”

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