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Lavender Goo





Available at Grass Roots in San Francisco.

Prepare to stare. Lav Goo from Grass Roots SF has the raw, rugged, powerful look of a Northern California coastal mountain range—verdant green, dappled with purple, seemingly sparkling after the morning fog, and packing a sweet, super-floral, lavender aroma. Grown by New Horizons, Lav Goo is a 100 percent indica cross of Af-Goo, Lavender and Light of Jah. Each of those are crosses. Af-Goo is Afghani indica and Maui Haze. Lavender is Super Skunk, Big Skunk Korean and Afghani Hawaiian. Light of Jah is a Jack Herer pheno. These indoor buds were grown organically, in a CO2-enriched sealed environment, and they are total top-shelf. The dense, huge nugs were perfectly dried, cured, and manicured to be totally twinkling with trichomes. Lav Goo has a medium-bodied, potent sweet flavor and heavy body effects for pain, stress and insomnia.

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