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Lamb’s Bread Sour Diesel by HempKings



When you see a cross between two famous, well-loved sativa-dominant hybrids like Lamb’s Bread and Sour Diesel, you know sativa lovers are in for a treat. Famous, loveable genetics have  led to some truly lovely flower! Large, dense, sticky nugs that emit a heavenly scent when you tear into them are the results of decades of genetic manipulation. A perfect blend of its aromatic parents, the scent has a strong initial foresty and floral aroma that’s almost intoxicating all on its own. The delicate scent carried over to an absolutely wonderful flavor. Delicate floral notes with hints of a forest-like taste, finished with that fantastic diesel flavor, make for some truly complex and delightful enjoyment. Being sativa-dominant hybrid, the effects from this flower were true to form, making this a solid choice for anyone who loves sativa strains. The best words to describe the effects of this flower are “pure joy.” The ecstatic, energetic, focused and creative buzz from this flower is like none other. Lamb’s Bread Sour Diesel is the perfect flower to enjoy before embarking on a creative journey of any kind. Whether going to a show, or creating a masterpiece of your own, this is a strain that will prove to be the perfect companion for the endeavor.

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