Kryptonic Kush

Available at Golden State Hempire in Bakersfield.

Not to be confused with the radioactive matter that brings Superman to his knees, Kryptonic Kush is the other green substance that would have probably helped the superhero cope with the obvious PTSD he’d have from his numerous years of changing in phone booths. Kryptonic started off strong by filling the senses with ripe summer berries and ended in a little bit of skunky-ness for good measure. Kryptonic is perfect for anyone medicating against body aches and sleeplessness as well as stimulating appetites. We can’t seem to get enough of this dank, rare and deliciously smelling flower, and we’re sure you’ll find yourself finishing your stock all too quickly. Consumers living near Bakersfield can visit Golden State Hempire and say “hi” to the wonderful staff from all of us at CULTURE.

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