Kosher Tangie Available at: Utopia Gardens in Detroit.

We don’t normally play favorites, but the contents in this Utopia Gardens cartridge truly stand out. Our senses were immensely pleased with steam distilled cannabis-derived terpenes, offering a natural and earthy flavor profile, lacking any candy-like flavoring. Our reviewers noted uplifting, stimulating effects leading to productivity, and recommended this cartridge for patients looking to alleviate symptom anxiety, depression, chronic pain or insomnia while stimulating appetite and creativity. Full spectrum relief awaits! This cartridge came with test results showing high levels of THC (85.19 percent) paired with CBD (0.29 percent), CBG (2.43 percent) and CBC (3.03 percent). The cartridge also comes in modest packaging with a small silicone cap on the thread and one for the mouthpiece too (a necessity to keep pocket lint and random stuff from clogging the pen).

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