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Kevin Smith Talks Clerks III Following New Jersey Legalization



After news broke out regarding Governor Phil Murphy signing recreational cannabis bills, local advocate, writer and actor Kevin Smith let loose some interesting news about his early draft of his film, Clerks III.

Smith Tweeted the news on February 22. “SPOILERS! NJ voted to legalize in November. I wrote “Clerks III” two months later in January. So *of course* Jay and Silent Bob run their own weed store in the sequel. And yes: it’s in the old RST Video store, which the boys rechristen as RST THCCBD!” Smith hails from Red Bank, New Jersey, which makes legalization an important initiative to support. He confirmed back in 2019 that if Clerks III happened, that it would definitely be set in New Jersey. “It’s going to be in Leonardo, or it ain’t going to be made,” he told NJ Advanced Media.

Smith is no stranger to the cannabis legalization effort in New Jersey. Prior to the election, he was using his social media following to spread the word and asking fans to vote for State Public Question 1. In March 2020, he has also advocated for drug policy reform in other states as well. As the pandemic continued to rise in confirmed cases, Smith asked followers to consider signing California’s cannabis-related initiatives digitally.The bill that was recently signed by Governor Murphy not only legalized recreational cannabis, but decriminalized possession in small amounts as well. Diversity and inclusion in local businesses are also a focus of the new law, and protects those who stick to the law’s many restrictions and requirements. “This legislation will establish an industry that brings equity and economic opportunity to our communities while establishing minimum standards for safe products and allowing law enforcement to focus their resources on real public safety matters,” Governor Murphy said in a press statement following the signing.

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