Keeping It Legal

Even if an MMJ patient does everything by the letter of the law, there are law enforcement officers out there and one of them might pull you over one day. Here are CULTURE’s tips on how to handle this sort of situation.



1. Do not medicate in your car. Ever. Even if you’re parked. If a law enforcement officer smells marijuana, he can trigger a Driving Under the Influence of Drugs investigation.

2. Do not put your medicine in the glove compartment or center console of your car. Put your meds in a smell-proof container in the trunk.

3. If questioned by an officer, provide him or her with your driver’s license, a copy of your registration and proof of insurance. If you have an MMJ card or similar documentation, provide that as well.

4. If the officer asks questions such as “Are there drugs in the car” or “Have you been smoking marijuana,” politely tell the officer, “Officer, I have nothing to say.”

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