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Keef Sparkling Blood Orange




Available wherever Keef Cola Products are carried.

Now that summer has arrived, it’s prime patio season. What better way to kick back and relax than with Keef Sparkling Blood Orange over ice and pairing it with a gorgeous sunset? Highly refreshing without tasting like cannabis, the crisp citrus flavor of this drink makes it light and not overly sweet, thanks to the use of monk fruit. (Not to mention that for those working on getting in shape, the zero calories in this beverage is a huge bonus.) At 10mg per bottle, you’ll be able to easily finish one on your own, or if you’re feeling very generous, you can split it with a friend. With a light effervescence, you’ll enjoy the fact that the body and head effects set in quickly, offering effortlessness to your movement and great mood elevation for porch banter and lively debates. One reviewer may have even spiced it up as an adult beverage. Hey, what happens on the veranda stays on the veranda.

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