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Joplin Widow





Available through Herbal Solutions in Ypsilanti.

Flavor-blast! Coming to you from the infamous team at Loyalty Extracts, Joplin Widow is bringing patients with a variety of chronic pain, potent relief paired with a comfortable mix of head and body effects (60/40). The aroma of Joplin itself is like a cannabis-cologne filled with some sort of magical pheromones to ensure any being to swoon with delight; mixed with White Widow in extraction, the flavors of Joplin Widow are earthy, sour and fruity. Truly, a delightful flavorful and sensational experience; prepare your body to feel. White Widow can be found by itself at Herbal Solutions, but if you ever happen to come by anything Joplin, be sure to stock up and save for those times when you really need to treat yourself to substantial relief.

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