Jimmy Kimmel Sends Crew into California Cannabis Shop

In celebration of the highly anticipated launch of recreational cannabis in California, Jimmy Kimmel sent his trusty bodyguard Guillermo Rodriguez to MedMen in West Hollywood on Jimmy Kimmel Live!.

“I want to tell you this is the best idea you’ve had in 50 years, Jimmy!” Rodriguez exclaimed to Kimmel.

Kimmel was impressed with the quality of the interior design of MedMen, likening it to as if “Steve Jobs designed a log cabin—it’s very sleek and all very high tech.” Rodriguez then interviewed a MedMen sales associate.

MedMen associates experienced long lines during the first days of recreational sales, aided by extensive news coverage. Customers waited as long as 45 minutes to buy their first cannabis purchase without a doctor’s recommendation.

For the rest of the segment, Kimmel selected three people off of Hollywood Blvd. in Los Angeles for “Who’s High.” One of them was high, and the other two were not. Kimmel had to guess which one was high. The results may surprise you. See the results here.

“Cannabis is now legal in California for recreational use… can you figure out ‘Who’s High?’” Kimmel tweeted.

Kimmel also explored “Why Jeff Sessions hates marijuana,” and came to the conclusion that he’s actually a Keebler elf. “Jeff, if you’re listening with those pointy little ears from that hollowed-out tree you live in,” he said. “Know this: We are on to you, and we will smoke you out of that tree if we have to.”

In fact, cannabis is a popular topic on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, with conversations with guests like Jim Carrey, Seth Rogen and more. He also consumed cannabis out of a ceramic one-hitter during a Rolling Stone interview in 2013. Kimmel has hosted everything from the Emmy Awards to the Academy Awards. Kimmel’s pronounced presence on late night television has helped ease the public image of cannabis consumers in the United States.



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