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Jim Belushi Performs at Medical Cannabis Fundraiser




Jim Belushi clearly stole the show at a recent cannabis-themed fundraiser. The Realm of Caring Foundation, an organization dedicated to families that depend on medical cannabis, held a fundraiser on June 21 at the Bear Dance Golf Club in Larkspur, Colorado.

With the help of Belushi, the organization raised $65,000 to help provide a better quality of life for families who use medical cannabis-based therapies. A crowd of about 100 golfers formed to watch the performance. Belushi performed some of his most recognizable songs, some from Saturday Night Live that were originally performed by Dan Aykroyd and his late brother John Belushi as The Blues Brothers.

Belushi didn’t hesitate to stick up for families that depend of medical cannabis. “I’m here to help them however I can,” Belushi told the Colorado Springs Gazette. “When our families get stricken it threatens the collapse of our families, and this medicine heals them.”

Belushi explained that he learned cannabis is a positive thing after moved to Oregon and began growing cannabis. “Just the spirituality it creates,” Belushi said. “I know we can go so much farther with the curing of the families, the children. I just know that my brother, John, died of a drug overdose, and if we had this information back in the 70s I think a lot more people would be alive … including my brother.”

Realm of Caring was founded in 2012 by Heather Jackson, Paige Figi and Joel Stanley after Figi’s young daughter, Charlotte, found dramatic relief from seizures by using CBD oil. The extract that she used was produced by the Stanley Brothers and was named “Charlotte’s Web.” Jackson’s own son Zaki suffered from 500,000 seizures before he turned 5.

Reggie Rivers, former Denver Broncos running back and Denver-based band Fish Tank Piranhas also participated in the event. Realm of Caring has several research partners including John Hopkins University and the University of Pennsylvania, and they provide assistance to families who can’t get medical cannabis covered by insurance.