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Jager by SD Tree Co.




Sourced from southern Oregon, cultivated by the SD Tree Co. located in east San Diego County and available via Deeply Rooted, the Jager displays attractive deep, dark, emerald green hues, with a few deep purple accents on the leaves and long, thick, bright orange hairs. This beautiful nug is absolutely drenched in shining trichomes. The aroma is naturally sweet and has an earthy quality, with a hint of a licorice. The flavor, much like the aroma, tastes sweet and a bit spicy. It is much, much better than its alcoholic namesake! The hit is nice and expansive, yet still mellow and not at all harsh on the lungs. Just a couple of hits of this indica-dominant strain provides near-instant physical relaxation, pain relief and stress reduction without being overly sedative.

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