Jackson County Compassion Club & The Seed Cellar; Michigan Collective Highlight

Jackson County Compassion Club & The Seed Cellar

1620 E. Michigan Ave., Jackson, 49202


Top-Selling Strain: Extreme Cream by Exotic Genetix

Top-Selling Concentrate: Medie Edie

Top-Selling Edible: Midnight Roots Chocolate Bar

Top-Selling CBD Edible: Green Roads 350mg tincture

Top-Selling CBD Strain: Cannatonic #4

How and when did your collective and seed business startup?

We incorporated in February of 2009 as a state not-for-profit social fraternal club holding educational meetings at Local Pizza Parlor. We grew to standing room only and decided to get a brick and mortar. JC3 started with volunteers until we grew our business and was able to pay them. In 2011, we decided to start carrying genetics. TGA Subcool, Cali Connection, and BCBud Depot were the first breeders we carried. We have since grown to carry over 85 breeders and the Seed Cellar is now the largest seed bank in the nation.

What’s the story behind the name of your collective?

Jackson County Compassion Club was the second compassion club to open in the state of Michigan. At the time, that was what we were calling ourselves, compassion clubs. Our moto is “Where Patients Come First”. We have one of the largest cancer programs for cannabis in Michigan and we are all about education and helping patients with their medical use.

What does your collective offer patients that they can’t find anywhere else?

The Seed Cellar has such a vast variety of genetics, you can always find what you need. We carry over 1,500 different strains and over 85 breeders.

We are a part of Jackson NORML and Michigan NORML to fight for patients’ rights to medicate safely. That they will always have safe access with us and we take our jobs seriously.

What are the biggest challenges you face in this industry as a collective? Biggest joys?

Our biggest challenge is the lack of state compliance and regulations. In the past Michigan’s government has tried to override the people’s choice to medicate with a non-addictive and healthier alternative. Luckily, cannabis has been legalizing across the nation and has forced the hand of the government to abide by the people’s wishes.

Our biggest joy has been seeing the people’s quality of lives improve drastically within our community. Our cancer program brings us great joy and sadness. We work directly with a local program Mission of Hope Cancer Fund to raise money and awareness about the benefits that cannabis has by improving cancer patients’ quality of life. Patients might walk into our club in pain, but walk out with a smile. Our JC3 Family brings so much joy to our patients. You can always expect to hear laughter resonating throughout our store.

If someone wanted to open a collective and get their feet wet in the industry, what advice or counsel would you give them?

My advice would be to not be afraid to put yourself out there. Go to your municipality; talk with the city council members and the mayor about your business plan. Don’t be afraid to show your face and show your convictions that what you want to do is right for the people. The more passion you show, the more they will listen to you.

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