Jack Herer Extract Available wherever: Elicit Labs products are carried.

The classic and notoriously sharp and pungent aromas that are always found in the Jack Herer strain are loud as ever in this extract crafted by Elicit Labs. A real chip off the old block, this sugary resin has all of the desirable effects of the world renowned Jack Herer strain inside of a small and powerful package. Comprised of a beautiful marmalade color, it’s definitely a beauty in sight and scent. Weighing in at 852.6mg of THC per gram, there is a THC content of over 85 percent producing mighty cerebral effects. Extremely suitable for use right after a tough day at work, this concentrate is optimal for relieving stress and facilitating euphoric thoughts. Overall, this is a great extract sourced from a superior strain made at a top notch lab—it’s a superb choice for any extract fanatic.

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