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Israeli Company Opens California Cannabis Clinic



[dropcap class=”kp-dropcap”]A[/dropcap] cannabis company from Israel announced earlier this month that it will be opening a clinic in California that will cater to patients who are interested in medical cannabis.

Israel has been considered as one of the most prominent locations for cannabis research, but cannabis isn’t entirely legal yet. So it’s no surprise that some researchers are looking to other areas of the world to find a new place to call home. NiaMedic currently has operating clinics in Israel that have been operating since 2017, which have served as the foundation for the company’s new clinic stateside. Like these clinics, the company’s new location in Laguna Woods, California will provide clinical support as well as research and consulting services for senior citizens.

A few of the focuses of NiaMedic’s business include caring for senior citizens regarding pain management, treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder and other neurological issues, rehabilitation and palliative care. “Most of our patients are very old, with several complex medical issues,” said Inbal Sikorin, co-founder and head nurse at Niamedic Healthcare and Research Clinics. “We evaluate whether medical cannabis can be part of their medical treatment and whether their medical condition falls under the Ministry of Health’s list of indications. So far the results have been fantastic—we’re witnessing significant improvement as the treatment has majorly enhanced their quality of life. Patients with tremendous pain and severe medical problems have recovered. Major improvements in eating and sleeping have occurred with noticeable reductions in pain, associated symptoms and required intake of medications.”

NiaMedic says that they have about 100 patients interested in the clinic already from the small town, whose average age is 75. The clinic will also use data anonymously from their patient to continue their research.

Laguna Woods has made some progress in the cannabis industry by allowing medical cannabis dispensaries, but currently has a ban on cannabis sales. For now, the clinic will send patients or their caregivers to partnering businesses in order to fill their cannabis prescriptions.

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