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An Introduction to Flavonoids in Cannabis




Flavonoids Cannabis terpene profiles have been getting a lot of attention recently, and the awareness of these various unique smells and flavors is bringing important knowledge to the cannabis industry. However, flavonoids also deserve some respect and attention, given that such phytonutrients are the reason that non-green plants are so vibrant and colorful (In cannabis, flavonoids are what give Grandaddy Purp its purple hue) and can also bring great benefits to someone who ingests plants with unique flavonoids.

According to Merry Jane, flavonoids are greatly present in cannabis, “As cannabis grows, various flavonoids are expressed, operating in areas of plant-growth like UV light filtering and pest and fungi deterrence. When we consume cannabis, those same flavonoids contribute to the color, taste, smell, entourage effect and overall sensory experience. While contributing a wide variety of health benefits to the cannabis plant itself during cultivation, flavonoids also have a great reputation among the wellness community for providing a range of health benefits to humans.”

Merry Jane notes that not enough research has been conducted on the topic of flavonoids in cannabis due to federal restrictions, but with the growing desire for research all facets of cannabis, more sources will show how cannabis is rich in flavonoids. According to Merry Jane, they place cannabis’ flavonoid level up there with the likes of broccoli and mashed potatoes! Over 6,000 different flavonoids have been discovered, with a majority of them appearing in everyday plants such as herbs or vegetables.

Research is slowly beginning on the topic of cannabis flavonoids, including how flavonoid “cannaflavin-A” restricts “PGE-2,” as well as another that is focusing on Cannflavin-B and Cannflavin-C (regarding their relation to a variety of flavonoids and how they work with or against cannabinoids and terpenes).

Flavonoids have a lot to offer, and in conjunction with cannabis, studies that are currently being worked on, as well as those that begin in the future, will surely provide a wealth of information and detail regarding how flavonoids in cannabis can benefit medical and recreational users.

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