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Industrial Hemp Lands in North Carolina




Hemp North Carolina farmers will now be able to obtain and plant hemp seed for industrial use allowing the state’s pilot program to finally take action. According to the Southeast Farm Press, North Carolina Industrial Hemp Commission has been given the green light to license farmers who want to reach out to other states to obtain hemp seeds.

In addition to the eleven prerequisites already enforced by state law and tax information confirming an agriculturalist status, farmers who participate in the pilot program must also work with either North Carolina State University or North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University and will provide each university with information on crop stats at the end of the year.

White Hat Seed Farm out of Hertford, North Carolina has taken a vested interest in the program and will plant 40 acres of certified Italian seed, Carmagnola Selezionata, later this month. Andrea Schiavi of Schiavi Seeds and cultivator of Carmagnola Selezionata says the seeds will be perfect for North Carolina, not only because of the complementary growing climate but because their seeds are bred to have a THC level of under 0.2 percent, guaranteeing it will meet the 0.3 percent limit in North Carolina.

As expected with any cannabis related program, the regulations on growing industrial hemp seed are strict and heavily mandated. All crops planted will be subject to testing of THC levels by the North Carolina Department of Agriculture.

While growing and learning about a new crop does have its challenges, farmers can rest a little easier knowing that they have the support of both the state universities and the Department of Agriculture backing this new industry.

With the promising success of this pilot program paired with a growing interest in hemp and its many uses, White Seed Hat hopes to expand and be able to provide certified industrial hemp seed to other farms as soon as next year.

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