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[dropcap class=”kp-dropcap”]B[/dropcap]ujemane is a man full of surprises. His music, some would say, is the biggest surprise. Unlike so much other music out there today, Bujemane doesn’t pander to genre, and his music doesn’t fit easily into any category. While it most closely resembles hip-hop with its down-tempo, lo-fi beats and lyrics about smoking cannabis and women, it’s also easy to see why he has previously shunned the comparison. With melodic choruses and a slow, steady flow, his music isn’t easily definable. All of these musical qualities is what makes Bujemann’s music so good.

Genius, often hilarious, sometimes touchy and always current lyrics are laid over hypnotic jazzy beats, which makes this album some of the most cannabis-friendly music you can imagine.

Bujemane’s music will leave you chilled out and wanting more. But it’s not just his music that makes him special. Bujemane is also a businessman and a professional, in a way few other musicians have succeeded. Prompt, thoughtful and careful to cultivate an image that’s both ironic and serious, he was a pleasure to work with, as well as listen to.

Bujemane took time off from writing, recording and generally being fabulous, to answer a few questions for CULTURE.


When did you get started in music?

[I got started in music] probably like six or seven years ago.


Where are you from?

I’m from Federal Way, but I’m based out of Tacoma.


What music inspires you?

I listen to a lot of metal, a lot of house music and a lot of jazz.


Has cannabis impacted your creative process or music at all?

Yeah, definitely. I like to smoke before I write, before I record and before I do shows.


What record do you like to listen to, or has made a big impact on you when you’re consuming cannabis?

Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd. It’s a cliché answer, but it’s an honest answer. You can listen to it on headphones and hear something, and then listen to it on speakers and hear something else and be like, “Oh I didn’t catch that.”

You can listen to Bujemane’s latest album, Sorry We Couldn’t Wait For U, which came out in December, on Soundcloud. If you’re looking for something that bumps, is totally new and is the perfect soundtrack to any kind of cannabis consuming related activity, this is it.

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