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Improve Your Skin Care Game With Hemp



[dropcap class=”kp-dropcap”]T[/dropcap]his week marks the 9th Annual Hemp History Week, a week-long celebration of spotlighting hemp and all of its unique uses jumpstarts once again. Now more than ever, hemp is being incorporated into a variety of unique ways, one of the most popular being topical lotions and other skin and beauty products. Whether you’re looking to incorporate hemp into your daily lifestyle for the first time, or looking for some of the highest rated hemp products on the market, this list is for you!




Dr. Bronner’s

The Dr. Bronner’s brand has become one of the largest leaders in body products, many of which utilize organic hemp oil. Its Lavender Coconut Hand and Body Lotion contains the soothing power of lavender, while offering a nourishing body topical that will instantly revived dry skin (and a similarly scented hair crème is also available as a hydrating leave-in conditioner). The company also strives to soften skin and prepare it for maximum absorption in its Organic Sugar Soap. Dr. Bronner’s has also engineered what might be the world’s most soothing Organic Shaving Soap! Not to mention how the company has also created special toothpastes, lip balm, hand sanitizer and coconut oil too.

The Wonder Seed

If you’re on the lookout for body care products that are made with hemp seed oil, then look no further than The Wonder Seed! As its name denotes, this particular line of facial beauty products like its Facial Scrub, Facial Cleanser and Facial Cream that revolves around the use of hemp to help softening skin texture, balancing your skin’s oil production, and is especially useful when treating skin conditions like rosacea, acne, eczema and psoriasis—and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The Wonder Seed also has strong Hand Creams and other body products, as well as an entire line of hair care that’s equally reliable.


This company has made a name for itself with its line of hemp-infused body lotions, but it also has managed to create a line of hydrating lip balm too. More recently, CannaSmack released a new skin care line called Luxe, which offers a full set of daily facial products aimed at either normal to dry skin, as well as oily and acne prone skin as well.

The Body Shop

The Body Shop has been around for a long time, and it’s one of the mainstream companies that has managed to keep its hemp line in stock and in high demand. From heavy-duty body moisturizers to foot lotion and lip care, there’s no end to the hydration with these products.

Malin + Goetz Hemp Seed Pomade

Malin + Goetz offers numerous beauty products, and although only a few contain hemp oil, they’re dependable. Check out the company’s Cannabis Hand + Body Wash, as well as its cannabis candle and cannabis perfume oil.

Marley Natural

Not only does Marley Natural offer multiple strains for purchase at select stores, but it also has a line of body products too. The company manufactures its own  lip balm, hemp seed soap and hemp seed hand cream to keep skin from becoming dry and irritated.


This company offers numerous body lotions and hair care. Hempz offers a wide selection of scents too, so you can have your pick from a seemingly endless variety of floral or fruity smells! The company has even prepared products with SPF just in time for summer, as well as tanning lotion and bronzing mousse.

Fig and Yarrow

While body moisturizers are the most popular item to infuse with hemp oil, products made for the hair and scalp are not. Fortunately Fig and Yarrow has developed a unique Hair + Scalp Tonic that aims to treat the scalp, which in turn improves hair quality and appearance.

Oyin Handmade

Offering many different hair and body products, one of Oyin Handmade’s products certainly stands out—the Honey Hemp Detangling and Moisturizing Hair Conditioner. Infused with hemp oil and a number of other equally moisturizing ingredients, this conditioner provides the moisture that your hair needs.

Kush Cream

Many companies understand how beneficial hemp can be for the body, and Kush Cream is at the forefront of that discovery. Not only does it infuse its products with hemp oil to make lotions (which are named after strains like Permafrost, but are not infused with THC or CBD) and facial products, but it also developed a shampoo and conditioner specifically for chemotherapy patients too.

Charlotte’s Web Hemp Infused Balm

From the same company that provides cannabis medicine to children and adults alike comes a healthy, hemp-based balm that’s sure to hydrate your skin this summer. It promotes healthy looking skin with 150mg of hemp extract.

Juniper Carrot Seed Face Oil

Not only is the packaging of this Meow Meow Tweet product awesome (it features a hawk in flight and a cat jumping to grab it), but it’s a unique concoction of seed oils—which includes hemp! The face oil is designed to hydrate and moisturize skin without clogging pores.

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