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HTP Group

1419 Enterprise St., Vallejo

Instagram: @HTP.Group

Snapchat: HTPgroupvallejo

Top-Selling Strain: Dankman Fruity Pebbles OG

Top-Selling Concentrate: Dankman Sunny D shatter & Shaman Extracts

Top-Selling Edible: Higher Healing 40mg lollipops & Glowing Buddha gummies

How and when did your dispensary start up?

HTP started in 2011 with a small team and the goal of providing an elevated level of patient service combined with exclusive products for the medical cannabis patient base of the North Bay.

What’s the story behind the name of your dispensary?

The name came from “Highly Trained Professionals, providing, Health Through Plants,” no real story, just the truth.

What does your dispensary offer customers that they can’t find anywhere else?

At HTP we pride ourselves on excellent customer service from start to finish; when patients walk in to when they leave we aim to make their experience here the best the industry has to offer. New patients receive a free gift along with a dispensary tour and consultation about how our dispensary works and what types of cannabis might work well for them. We feel like when you are a part of our HTP you are truly apart of the cannabis community/family.

How has the cannabis industry changed since you have been in the business? Where would you like to see it go?

The biggest changes in the industry are probably centered around the impending regulatory oversight of AUMA and MCRSA. For many years the cannabis industry was more or less self-regulated through the general guidelines of Prop. 215 and later the MMPA/SB 420.

What are the biggest challenges you face in this industry as a dispensary? . . .  Biggest joys?

There are still many people, powerful people, who hate what we do. Whether it be politically or personally motivated, it’s always a challenge to work with folks who don’t grasp what we are trying to accomplish. We see the benefits of medical cannabis therapy daily; we know it can literally work wonders.

The joys; I believe this is different for everyone, however what keeps me coming in every day is the look on a patient’s face when cannabis first “works” for them. Particularly someone coming from a skeptical mindset, that’s the ultimate win-win in my opinion. “I was able to sleep or eat or socialize for the first time in years, etc.” Tears on both sides are not uncommon—it’s a hell of a beautiful thing.

What is the one thing you want patients to know about your dispensary?

We are here for you, we are not doing you a favor by being here, you are doing us a favor by coming to our dispensary. You have a voice here, good, bad or in-between, we want to hear about your experience so we can constantly improve our dispensary environment here at HTP.

If someone wanted to open a dispensary and get their feet wet in the industry, what advice or counsel would you give them?

I read an article about Dark Heart Nursery and when asked this same question, I believe their founders said it best, and it was something to this effect: “Create a unique value proposition in medical cannabis and the industry will always be responsive to it,” then work your ass off to make it happen. Lastly, make sure it’s for the right reasons. Endeavors motivated purely by money will never stand up to similar ideas fueled by passion and a dedicated team.

What is the most important thing you hope to accomplish while in the cannabis community?

For as long as I can remember I wanted to open and run a medical cannabis dispensary. My team and I have brought safe access and relief to thousands of patients. So in that respect I would say I’m very happy with what we’ve accomplished. I would like to continue to do that job while offering secure futures for all those involved with the day-to-day at HTP.

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