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How to Pass the Time (Outside) this Summer



While things may not be exactly back to normal, there is no doubt that this summer is looking different than the last. Here are a few ways to get outside and (safely) enjoy the great outdoors. Remember that if you choose to consume while on-the-go and outside, be mindful of local laws and stick to consumption methods you’re familiar with. 

Go on a Hike
If being packed inside a bar with people is still a bit much for you, or if you’re just plain sick of going outside, get out in nature! Go for a hike in the habitat of your local wildlife, whatever that may be. Whether that looks like climbing your first 14er (mountain peaks with an elevation of 14,000 ft.+) in Colorado or walking down to the beaches of sunny California, every state has something awesome to do outside. An infused edibles picnic or choice vape pen can be the experience even more robust. 

Patronize the Locals 

Local businesses have suffered during the pandemic, and now that they’re able to be open again, or open at a greater capacity, they can’t wait to welcome your business. Hit up your local dispensary for some choice product, and then head to that favorite restaurant you missed during quarantine, or treat yourself to takeout. You’ll be putting money back into the local economy and also having a great time. 

Find Your Circle
If you’ve been feeling a little cut off from the rest of the world—or at least the rest of the world outside of Netflix—this summer is a great time to get out there and reconnect. If LGBTQ issues, racial equality or social equity are your passions, check out a peaceful protest or Pride event. If 

you’ve picked up a new hobby during the pandemic like skating or biking, look for groups of like-minded people so you can bond or make new friends. 

No matter how you decide to spend your summer, get back out there and make some new connections, now that we appreciate them even more.