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Honest Marijuana opened its doors in 2015, a few years after recreational cannabis was legalized in Colorado. The company immediately saw the need for a top-quality organic alternative to the lower-quality cannabis that was being rushed to the market in the wake of Colorado Amendment 64. That need helped the founders choose a name for their grow operation—Honest Marijuana—and the name was informative about their mission in the nascent cannabis industry. In fact, their mission can be summed up in one simple word—purity. Honest Marijuana strives to provide consumers with the purest cannabis experience on the planet.

How do they do this? By using world-class organic growing methods, by pioneering the science of cannabis preservation and freshness, and by leading the way in developing innovative consumption and packaging methods.

Honest Marijuana grows all of its cannabis in 100 percent, all-organic soil. The team hand waters water and hand trims all of their plants. And they never use pesticides, chemicals or growth regulators. Because of these practices, Honest Marijuana produces the cleanest, purest and most uncontaminated cannabis plants possible. That means that the company’s consumers can experience the true nature of the cannabis plant without anything getting in the way.

The Honest Marijuana mission for purity and quality, above all other things, has inspired the team to develop some unique and innovative products and production methods. Honest Marijuana’s first foray into new territory came when they began producing Honest Blunts. Honest Blunts are the world’s first organic, hemp-wrapped, whole-flower, machine-rolled blunts. Each and every Honest Blunt is 100 percent tobacco-free, is wrapped in an organic-processed hemp leaf, and only uses the best organic marijuana that Honest Marijuana’s many years of experience and know-how can grow. That means that an Honest Blunt is completely cannabis, not some percentage of this and some percentage of that. At Honest Marijuana, it’s all about purity.

And the quest for purity goes beyond just the team’s growing methods and all-natural ingredient. It has even motivated them to push the cutting-edge of preservation and perish-ability further than any company before it. Honest Marijuana’s distinct combination of nitrogen preservation and air-tight canning to ensure that each and every Honest Marijuana product stays fresh for years to come. That means that every time you open an Honest Marijuana product, it’s in the exact condition it was meant to be.

In just a few short years, the Honest Marijuana Company has gone from one among many, to THE one among many thanks to its commitment to excellence, purity and preservation. Whether you choose an Honest Blunt, a sativa or indica flower, or an Honest Concentrate, what you see is what you get. And what you get is the cleanest, purest, most organic cannabis on the market, exactly as mother nature intended. That’s why Honest Marijuana is confident in its assertion that you haven’t experienced marijuana until you’ve experienced it the honest way.

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