Holiday Gift Guide

nexus-vape-pen-gunmetal-600x600Nexus Vape Pen

Nothing says “I care about you” more than a high-quality vape pen. For your loved ones, choose a Nexus Vape Pen to give them one gift that will continue to keep giving. It has a temperature controlled battery for 340°, 400° and 460°, and offers a 20-second drag time. All Nexus Vape Pens come complete with a USB charging port, for quick and convenient charging, as well as a lifetime warranty on the provided battery. Plus, it comes in four colors (matte blaq, pearl white, gunmetal and ruby red), which will help you narrow down exactly what your giftee might want.


chewy-grinderChewy Grinder

Long gone are the days of carrying around a heavy metal cannabis grinder! Now, technology proves once again that it makes our lives much easier, and with an portable electric grinder like Chewy Grinder, cannabis can be ground up quickly and at any time. This device supports a simple 9-volt battery that can provide an estimated 19 hours of use, and can also carry and store up to two grams of cannabis, making it perfect for any user out there who wishes to grind on the go. There are numerous colors to pick from, and we’re thinking this is the kind of tech that every cannabis user could benefit from.


smokies-toke-couture-necklaceSmokies Toke Couture Marijuana Rose Necklace

Now that cannabis has been legalized in even more states, a lot of things are going to change in the cannabis community. Take this moment to jump ahead of the incoming trend of cannabis jewelry with a gift like the Smokies Toke Couture Marijuana Rose Necklace. This beautiful bronze metal cannabis leaf necklace is complimented with a soft pink resin rose to add a classy touch to a simple look. Cannabis couture is about to become much more than green and Rastafarian-color inspirations, and it all starts with gifts like this one!


lock-n-loadLock N Load Glass Containers

If you know a cannabis consumer who is always on-the-go, then the Lock-N-Load Chillum Display glass containers might make the perfect gift. These tiny, 9mm containers come with a twist cap for safe storage and easy opening that will help keep that unique cannabis smell hidden until you or your giftee is ready to use it. Best of all, these containers come in a display case of 48, which means that a gift like this will become an instant stocking stuffer favorite.

$2 each, 48 count per display

kandypens-galaxy-set-black_1024x1024KandyPens Galaxy Tornado Limited Edition Vape Pen

For a sleek, good looking vape pen, you can hardly do better than the KandyPens Galaxy Tornado Limited Edition Vape Pen. Before you inspect any of this pen’s specifications, its shiny metallic exterior (offered in four colors: Gun metal, gold, chrome and rose gold) will instantly impress. Look deeper into this pen and you’ll find that it’s tornado coil, temperature controlled battery (at 350°, 390° and 430°), lifetime battery warranty and much more are equally impressive. This is going to be a hot Christmas item, as only 500 units were made!


jc2-1_1Joint Chiefs Complete Chief Kit

There’s a reason gift baskets are a great gift—they come with many small gifts, that it’s often more exciting than getting one single present. Joint Chiefs has caught onto this trend, and as a result came up with the ultimate gift for cannabis users—the Complete Chief Kit. In it comes a rolling tray and stick, an ashtray, a grinder, two four-ounce jars, two books of hemp rolling paper, six prerolled cones, six plastic tubes for easy storage, a beanie and a neat box made of mangowood to keep it all together. It’s everything a consumer needs in order to keep them ready and prepared to consume cannabis.


fsilver-lining-ceramicsSilver Lining Ceramics Bubbler

Some gifts, like scarves or gift cards, aren’t always the best way to show your love or appreciation for someone during the holidays. Often enough, one-of-a-kind gifts are the golden ticket to seeing their faces light up with holiday glee. A Ceramics Bubbler from Etsy creator Silver Lining Ceramics is  the perfect example of a truly unique gift. Made by hand, a little ceramics bubbler like this one will blow all other gifts out of the proverbial water. Be careful though, this seller sells her wares out quickly!

Prices Vary

us-bodybalm-2oz-arnica_mentholDr. Bronner’s Arnica-Menthol Organic Magic Balm

Here is a stocking stuffer perfect for all those hardworking folks on your holiday shopping list. Dr. Bronner’s Magic Balm is here, and it’s going to make sure that sore muscles, aches and pains are a thing of the past. Just rub a little bit of this magic balm on problem areas, and you will instantly feel a tingly, hot and cold sensation washing over your skin. The effect becomes stronger with time, and soon your sore muscles will feel like they’ve just received a hug from a minty gum chewing fairy. While you certainly want to grab one of these tins for a friend, you’re best advised to grab one for yourself too! Who says you can’t buy yourself something nice for the holidays?


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