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High-Pops Cannabis-Infused Frozen Treats




Don’t wait around for the neighborhood ice cream truck to drive down your street. Instead, cool off and relax this fall with High-Pops Cannabis-Infused Frozen Treats, which are expertly designed for adults who have a sweet tooth. Each popsicle-like treat contains 5mg of THC, and each box contains 12 pops. They are appropriately labeled with THC warning labels to distinguish from non-infused frozen treats that you may have in your freezer. At only 48 calories per pop, you won’t have to feel guilty after devouring one of these, but they don’t end up tasting like a diet snack. The pops come in four natural flavors, and they are created with nano-emulsion technology to activate the THC and provide a rapid onset of effects, which is an added bonus for any edible.

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