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“High on the Hog: The Potcast” is a Great Portal to Cannabis Information




Podcasts are a unique form of entertainment. Such audio shows are geared toward niche topics that are listened to by thousands, even millions of people. According to recent data on podcasts obtained by Edison Research The Infinite Dial 2019, an estimated 51 percent of Americans have listened to a podcast, with 49 percent of them listening at home (versus 22 percent listening in the car). On the topic of cannabis, there are only a handful of podcasts that are consistent and high quality—”High on the Hog: The Potcast” is one of them.

Since it’s first episode debuted in January 2019 it has invited countless Americans to listen in to be educated and updated on the latest industry news. Hosted by Merrill Shindler (former Zagat editor and host of Feed Your Face), Janice Hardoon (owner of K*Town Collective and The Antidote, and CEO of Elevate CBD) and Joanna Belson (executive producer of the show, cannabis enthusiast and activist). Together they answer many questions about the cannabis world, from how cannabis is known to be an effective treatment for some medical conditions to what the future could look like with legal cannabis and how it can be infused into food.

Many industry professionals have made an appearance and contributed to the dialogue so far, including the following: “Boris Shcharansky COO of Papa & Barkley, Len May CEO of EndoCanna Health, Dr. Tim Shu Pet Vet and founder of PetCBD, Rama Mayo co-founder of Hall of Flowers and partner at Green Street Agency, Dr. Jeffrey Raber  co-founder of The Werc Shop, and Michelin award-winning chef Holden Jagger.”

The podcast’s most recent episode, which aired on May 7, is entitled “Female Health: Cannabis and The Vagina” and features Britney Van Gundy in exploring how cannabis helped her overcome a serious medical condition. Check out the information below to see more episodes from High on the Hog: The Potcast.

High on the Hog: The Potcast