High Octane Shatter


Available at DTHC in Los Angeles.

High Octane is a perfect name for a shatter because that’s exactly why you are using a shatter instead of smoking a bud—you want “high octane” performance, and that is what you get with High Octane Shatter from DTHC in Los Angeles. A pliable, easily “dabable” concentrate with a glowing translucent amber color, High Octane fulfills your expectations with its concentrated power and propels like a Lamborghini at a drag race. A good shatter makes you want to get up and go, and a great shatter gives you the motivation to actually do it. High Octane is a great shatter. If caffeine is not your thing, you might consider a dab of High Octane in place of your morning coffee—it’s the espresso of cannabis.

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