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Hemp History Week Details Released



[dropcap class=”kp-dropcap”]O[/dropcap]n Feb. 20, The Hemp Industries Association and Vote Hemp announced the dates for the 9th annual Hemp History Week, as well as some of the event details. The events will be held June 4-10.

The festivities include over 250 nationwide grassroots events including film screenings, farmer’s market events and various lobbying efforts. Hemp, being high in Omega-6 essential fatty acids, is a naturally-occurring superfood. It’s also capable of providing sustainable agriculture and can be used for making hempcrete, fuel, fibers, bio-plastics and more.

“During 2017, over 25,000 acres were planted and harvested in the U.S.—a record number since the passage of the 2014 Farm Bill,” organizers stated in a press release. “Over half of all U.S. states have lifted the ban on industrial hemp farming at the state level, however federal law still prohibits commercial industrial hemp cultivation due to outdated and inaccurate drug policy.”

Fortunately Americans are waking up to the injustice surrounding the way we approach federal hemp laws. Hemp-derived CBD products are exploding in popularity in many areas. “With momentum building across the country, and increasing consumer awareness about the health benefits, economic opportunities, technological innovation and sustainability advantages of industrial hemp, advocates and organizers are eager to see 2018 be the year industrial hemp farming expands across the American agriculture landscape and sets deep roots in American soil once again,” organizers said.

Organizers behind Hemp History Week released a short video “Deep Roots” documenting the research of Rodale Institute agronomists on cultivating hemp using a “regenerative organic no-till agriculture model.”

Hemp History Week has been endorsed by Dr. Andrew Weil, Alicia Silverstone, Phil Lempert, Ashley Koff R.D., Brendan Brazier, Elizabeth Kucinich, Ziggy Marley, Alexandra Jamieson, Jason Mraz, Dar Williams, Michael Franti, John Salley, Doug Fine and Ozomatli.

Thirty-four states have legalized industrial hemp farming, but the work isn’t anywhere near completion. Currently, hemp farmers are blocked from obtaining crop insurance and financing, certified hemp seed is difficult to obtain and illegal federal interference continues to plague interstate hemp commerce, according to the press release. More details on Hemp History Week will be published on the campaign website in early April.



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