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Heavy Handcrafting: The art of Christina Hunt

Much of the inspiration in Denver for making art comes from the two
vastly different, but inexorably linked, worlds around us—the gorgeous
countryside and the vibrant city. Christina Hunt is an ar





[dropcap class=”kp-dropcap”]M[/dropcap]uch of the inspiration in Denver for making art comes from the two vastly different, but inexorably linked, worlds around us—the gorgeous countryside and the vibrant city. Christina Hunt is an artist who definitely looks to both those places for inspiration, residing in a cabin in the mountains and drawing inspiration from the surrounding nature, but also tapping into gritty city life as well as the local metal and motorcycle scenes. On an even larger level, she is moved by the mysteries of the cosmos themselves. Whether she is painting motorcycles, making fliers for bands or just plain sketching, Hunt manages to keep her work innovative and interesting, while also expressing definite and significant themes.

“I suppose on a technical level, I always try to work very clean, bold and intricate,” Hunt says regarding the style of her work. “I work in black and white. I typically use ink, although I occasionally dabble into some water color. I often include the cosmic realm in my work in one way or another,” she explains regarding the space themes in a lot of her work. “This is not only due to my fascination of the cosmos, but I also see it as a metaphor for the collective consciousness and the expanded mind. Space is the place from which we were all born, reside, and where we will eventually perish. To quote the almighty Hawkwind, ‘Space is neither truth nor lies, into the void we have to travel, to find a clue which will unravel.’”


Hunt has been drawing since she was a little girl, and she was always fascinated with visuals and sketching. However, she first became a career artist due to her involvement with the local metal scene as a teenager. “I was active in booking metal shows, driving my friends’ band on tour, I started making posters for local shows and did some artwork for a friend’s record label,” she explains. “In college, I continued working with bands to create artwork for their music. I have been active in making artwork for bands and labels that I support ever since.”

Hunt enjoys doing art for musicians and shows in the local music scene and has also been involved with creating hand-painted motorcycle parts. She is currently planning for an art show, for which the details are yet to be released, and she is working on art for some local bands and a record label, as well as some independent projects.

She also feels that Denver has a vibrant art scene. “The art scene in Denver is growing thanks to the help of some dedicated individuals,” she states. “My buddy Travis Heacock who does incredible photography in the heavy music and chopper scene, also started “The Devil’s Own,” an art exhibition that showcases local artists and musicians. There are many local musicians, artists and artisans, who are working really hard to get their work out there.”


As far as cannabis is concerned, Hunt is not a big smoker, but fully supports legalization. “I don’t consider myself to be a direct participant in the local cannabis scene, although I appreciate the hard work of many dedicated Coloradans who have pointed legislation in the right direction,” she told us. “I am thrilled that cannabis has been legalized in Colorado and that other states have taken cue. The fact that it had ever been criminalized has always been a joke. Archaically conservative ideologies are still rampant, and only with activism can the people initiate change.”

Hunt serves as a wonderful example of what local artists are capable of when they tap into their surroundings and embrace what Colorado has to offer.

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