Happy Hour Pre-roll by SEVEN LEAVES Available wherever: SEVEN LEAVES products are carried.

When former NBA champion Matt Barnes lost his mother to cancer, it drove him to become a medical cannabis advocate and to partner with SEVEN LEAVES, a Sacramento-based cannabis production company. You won’t find any cheap shake inside this pre-roll; instead you’ll find top-of-the-line flower. In our case, it was Happy Hour, a balanced hybrid. Happy Hour is meant for the afternoon, when you still need a little sativa to stay awake but you’re ready for some indica, too. Barnes’ other pre-rolls include Wake & Bake for the morning, Post Workout for lunchtime and Night Cap for late at night. One of the goals is to introduce cannabis to certain demographics that aren’t aware of how cannabis works. “I try to take the word ‘high’ away,” Barnes recently told CULTURE about his line of pre-rolls. “That’s what scares people.”

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