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Green Thumb: How to Work Cannabis Into Your Spring Garden



The grass is green; the flowers are blooming, and soon, the cannabis buds will be blooming as well. The season for outdoor growing is here, and that can include cannabis.

If you’re like many living in legal states, you might be canna-grow curious, but not yet ready to get into the investment of time and money that comes with indoor growing. Instead of splurging on fancy lights and saving up for a big operation, try planting some seeds in a backyard or even rooftop or balcony garden and see what happens.

Of course, cannabis still needs specific conditions to thrive. Temperatures above 86 degrees fahrenheit could halt growth, while temps below 55 degrees could kill or stunt plants, so it is important to know your area and when to plant and harvest. Similarly, heavy rain and wind can harm plants, so be sure to plan cover for them in the case of a storm.

Like the rest of your garden, make sure the cannabis gets plenty of water, but provide shelter if there is too much rain, and make sure enough sun is provided for growth. Grows can initially spring up indoors or out in a flower pot, but will need to be moved outside once the plant gets bigger.

While all biomes are different, a general rule is to start germinating seeds for your garden around the Spring Equinox, March 20, so if you haven’t already, get on it! By the Summer Solstice on June 20, your plants should be outside, and make sure to harvest by Fall Equinox, September 22 or earlier in order to reap the benefits of your harvest before they get damaged.

When it comes to the specifics of which strains to grow, why, and how, we could talk all day, but for absolute beginners, know this: it is definitely possible to plant and grow cannabis in your garden, as long as you’re willing to tend to your crops.