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Having a “green” wedding is a full-blown trend, and incorporating hemp into the planning process is an easy way for couples to make less of a negative impact on the planet. Hemp is used to make rope, paper, clothing, food, building material, body products and more. It’s one of the most sustainable, replenishable resources on the planet, and seeking it out over plastics and other mass-produced goods will show wedding guests that brides and grooms have the planet’s best interest at heart.

Thanks to the growing popularity and availability of hemp, it’s easier than ever to acquire various goods made of the earth-friendly fiber. Since wedding season is in full force, CULTURE created this quick guide for incorporating hemp into wedding plans by way of invitations, gowns, suits and accessories, decorations, food and gifts.

Kick off your hemp wedding by printing or buying wedding invitations on hemp paper. Green Field Paper Company sells a signature Hemp Heritage paper, which has a rich look and feel. It also offers eco-friendly seed paper that you can plant. Rick Smith, president of the company, told CULTURE, “We source our hemp pulp from Spain, presently. We used to source it from Canada, but they stopped processing and producing fiber in favor of extraction of oil and seeds. No one in the U.S. is processing hemp into the form that can be used for pulp.” Once the married-couple-to-be decides on the format and other details, Green Field Paper Company will supply the paper and send the design to the printer.

Next, dress the wedding party. There are several websites that offer hemp wedding gowns, dresses and suits. Silk is a common fabric that is blended with hemp, giving dresses an elegant look. Designer Autumn Star of Autumn Star Light on Etsy got into making hemp wedding dresses after she studied textile design in college. “[I] was immediately drawn to hemp as a superior fiber in strength and durability, not to mention the processing is considerably more friendly for our environment,” she said. Autumn is always honored to help brides design their gowns. “It’s such an intimate experience to make a dream dress come to reality for every customer I work with. Making [her] dress tested my sewing abilities and grew the sweetest friendship. I really loved how they incorporated cannabis into their entire wedding theme as well,” she said of a recent dress-making experience.

Tara Lynn Bridal is an online site that specializes in making hemp and eco-friendly dresses. The company also makes a gorgeous hemp suit that comes in three different styles. The website offers easy steps to ordering a custom-made suit or dress. If you are looking to support a small business, visit a local tailor or seamstresses and order a custom-made suit or dress with fabric purchased from Hemp Traders or Envirotextiles.

Barefoot sandals are a growing trend as all natural and simple wedding accessories. Keri Mikulec of Earth House in New York state makes elegant hemp barefoot sandals for those wanting to ditch the shoes for the ceremony. She also makes colorful necklaces and bracelets that are a fresh update from the hemp necklace you made in high school.

“[I] was immediately drawn to hemp as a superior fiber in strength and durability not to mention the processing is considerably more friendly for our environment.”


Not loving the traditional wedding band idea? Look into hemp resin rings found on Etsy from SerasBeach for an affordable $20. The rings are made using epoxy and leaves from the hemp plant. They truly make a statement.

Hemp décor has a DIY-vibe that touts boho and earth-friendly feels. Adorn your tables with hemp table runners, and place small sprigs of hemp in the centerpieces. Light up the room with hemp wick candles from the Lit Up Candle Co. Hemp-made dreamcatchers and windchimes are easy breezy décor ideas found on various Etsy stores. For a homemade project, paint wooden hearts your color of choice and string them on hemp rope.

A fun place to include hemp is in the food as well. Cook vegetables in hemp oil, and add hemp seeds to desserts and pastries. There are a growing number of companies that specialize in cooking with hemp for hire to cater a wedding. Another new trend is beverage companies that make and sell hemp-infused drinks, with or without alcohol. We are seeing “hemptails” make grand appearances at wedding receptions as well. Rocky Mountain High and Canna Hemp make CBD-infused energy drinks. New Belgium Brewing and Humboldt Brewing Co. brew beer with hemp seeds.

Last but not certainly not least, gifts for the bridal party and guests. What better way to say “thank you for being a part of our special day” than to give the gift of hemp-based CBD body products? Hemptivate makes hemp-infused lip balm, delightfully scented body lotion and non-psychoactive CBD tinctures. The company ships to all 50 states and offers wholesale pricing for large orders, making your gifts cost effective yet still meaningful.

Like any large event, a wedding can produce a lot of waste. Having a hemp wedding is a way that couples are actively reducing their negative impact on the planet. By incorporating hemp where you can, it can support a small business while encouraging sustainable, ethical and clean farming practices. Hemp comes in many forms and can add a chic, conscious vibe to any celebration.

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