Green Love Cookies Available at: Green Love Healing Center in North Hollywood.

We rarely see nuggets as beautiful and colorful as Green Love Cookies, and we were so impressed that we hardly wanted to damage the flowers during consumption. The claw-like calyxes are lime green and striped with a deep violet hue with tangerine-colored twisting hairs curling around the edges. This Girl Scout Cookie-like strain tasted like buttermilk pancakes with warm homemade maple syrup—there is no other way to describe it. The effects were relaxing, euphoric and cerebral, and they persisted for several hours. Green Love Cookies made us talkative and awarded an upbeat effect that rushed to our heads, yet also produced a body effect that was a nice surprise. The taste and aroma hit the spot and were more than enough to leave us wanting more after the first round. Pop open a canister and try this selection for yourself.

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