Grape Ape by WOW Weed Available wherever: Wow Weed products are carried.

WOW Weed’s Grape Ape has a lot to offer cannasseurs. Hand-trimmed, slow cured and pesticide free, this sun-grown cannabis is an outdoor enthusiast’s dream. The flower has the outdoor look and scent to it, with tightly dense nugs sticky with crystals that absolutely exude a powerful fragrance. Outdoor cannabis is loaded with terpenes and this Grape Ape is exceptional for just that reason. This cross between Mendocino Purps, Skunk and Afghani gives off scents of sweet berry and grape, with an earthy undertone making its way through. Using a water pipe to sample this tasty flower, the CULTURE team found the flavor to be intensely powerful, with sweet fruity notes and a light pungent earthy finish. The indica-dominant hybrid, which tests at 22.4 percent THC, provides true indica effects, offering an intense sense of ease and calm. This flower also aided in insomnia and appetite stimulation, which makes it a perfect strain to be used for physical and mental ailments.

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