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Gorilla Glue #5





Available at Motown Meds in Detroit.

Yes, Number Five! This Gorilla Glue #5 has vibrant light-green leaves, tightly-compacted knobby calyxes with a fluffiness to the core of its structure. Upon breaking apart the bud, you’ll discover that it’s sticky, much like one would expect of a Glue strain. This phenotype of GG#5 is the result of a Gorilla Glue #1 and Gorilla Glue #4 strain being crossbred. Balanced cerebral and body effects (50 percent indica/50 percent sativa) pack quite a punch with 23 percent THC. Aromatics are typical of a Glue strain—sweet and earthy, with a rich pungent flavor that ties it all together. Try squishing (“rosin-tech”) or vaping these nugs!

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