Golden Maui


Available at Holistic Life in Lakewood.

In the throws of winter, nothing sounds better than a vacation to just about anywhere that doesn’t involve a down jacket. Golden Maui is the ideal strain for those suffering from the snow day blues, with an energy that feels like jumping off a waterfall. Coming to us courtesy of Holistic Life in Lakewood, this smart combination of Colorado Maui and Golden Goat has all the lime green calyxes of the former with the signature red hairs of the latter. Well cured, it has all of the great floral notes of an airport lei with a nice lingering spice on the finish. A few hits were all two samplers needed to start an experimental limbo game using a poster tube and two office chairs. One of the best mood boosters of the month, this sativa packs a hybrid punch that can knock out a migraine while you knock out some work.

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