From Glassblowing to Cannabis, Chad Zindroski Embraces His Calling


Career paths sometimes happen accidentally and out of necessity, but a career like that can also be become the career of a lifetime. This is exactly what happened to Chad Zindroski, successful glassblower and owner of Pürr Glass, a California-based company that now successfully ships bubblers to avid smokers everywhere. An artist and an entrepreneur, Zindroski loves cannabis and the line of work that it has afforded him. CULTURE got the lowdown about his mission, his art and the direction life has taken him.

How did you start blowing glass? Where did you learn?

I loved fire when I was a kid, so when I learned that you could make things with fire it was a game-changer for me. My path lead me to Chico State in Northern California where I studied art, ceramics and glassblowing. It was there where I also learned pipe making from friends who were already doing it for a living.

Why did this career path appeal to you?

Honestly, I didn’t know it was going to be a career path. I was in college growing weed and blowing glass, making ends meet and doing what I loved. Creating impactful art has always been very important me. After designing the first scientific hammer bubbler with a diffused downstem for myself since I wasn’t able to find a glass pipe I liked, everyone was so blown away by my design that they sold immediately! A career path was born from smoking weed and blowing glass, both things I love, plus I get to make high functioning art for our community while being my own boss. It’s a pretty appealing combination!

Do you make any other kinds of art?

Yes, I also work with clay and love combining ceramics and glass. I’m also an avid cook.

Why did you decide to start blowing functional glass for cannabis use?

I needed a pipe with great function. Not a huge bong, but a handheld daily driver, something that wouldn’t break the bank. The last thing I wanted was to compromise my quality weed with low-quality glass. So I made my first bubbler design, and that solved the problem.

What would you consider your speciality as far as glasswork?

Scientific bubblers!

How would you describe your style? What colors and patterns do you like to work with?

My style is clean with a focus on function. That’s probably why I like working with clear glass.

Do you have any major influences in the glass world?

Dan Flavin, Dale Chihuly.

How has cannabis impacted your life and your creative process? How does it influence your work?

Cannabis has positively affected my life in so many ways, from the industry I work in to the products I create to how I treat pain and live life. It influences my creative process and work by helping my clarity, focus and mood. I’ve noticed that maintaining a balanced state greatly improves and enhances the connections to what or who I’m working with.

Do you consider yourself a cannabis advocate? Why or why not?

Absolutely! Cannabis is beneficial on so many levels. It’s like a cure-all! All you have to do is figure out how it can best help you.

What do you think about legalization so far? What could be done better or differently?

As someone living and working in a legal state, it has been a mixed bag. The gains are undeniable. I’m glad it has created a larger openness and curiosity about cannabis, and that it has led to better quality cannabis. We just need full legalization now. There needs to be resolution between the incompatibilities of state and federal regulations; it’s stifling this industry’s potential.

How can people find your work?

Learn about us and shop our website, Tune in daily and connect with us via @PurrGlass on Snapchat & Instagram.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Yes! I want to give a shout-out to our awesome Purr community! They’re out there making changes, dedicated to bettering themselves and the communities they live in every day. It’s all about creating a healthy and productive culture with cannabis. To learn more, tune in or connect with us daily on Snapchat or Instagram for smoke and life tips, live glassblowing and behind the scenes, or to ask us questions!


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