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Glass Pipe Line Honors Keith Haring’s Artwork



[dropcap class=”kp-dropcap”]B[/dropcap]efore artist Keith Haring died—succumbing to AIDS in 1990—he left behind a legacy through his doodle-like graffiti and art, usually with a political agenda. BiC©, maker of many of the graffiti markers that the artist used, is collaborating with Greenlane Holdings, Inc. to release 10 glass pieces to commemorate the artist who inspired several generations of muralists and graffiti artists.

Featuring a range of pipes, accessories and decor, the K.Haring Collection launched Nov. 21 in Higher Standards stores and online on Nov. 25 at, according to a press release. The line of bubblers, rigs, water pipes, tasters, spoon pipes, glass trays and catchalls features some of Haring’s best-known art in colorful form.

In the late ‘70s, Haring hitchhiked across America, supporting himself by selling Grateful Dead T-shirts—but he mainly targeted then-President Richard Nixon. Later, Haring began randomly targeting New York City, New York subways with gigantic doodles that effectively made him a legend among graffiti artists in the early ‘80s. At first, the figures and shapes were seemingly random. But slowly, Haring began to harness his unique doodle style and embark on a mission to inform the public about AIDS awareness, as he fought with the disease, which was almost always an automatic death sentence at the time.

Haring’s “art” included wheat-pasted posters with political slogans targeting the White House and the Catholic church. MTV and galleries across the world helped to push Haring’s work into the spotlight, making him an international star. Haring began to work with artists such as Andy Warhol, Grace Jones and Malcolm McLaren to become one of the most prominent modern artists of the ‘80s.

“As a longtime admirer and supporter of Keith Haring, his art, and his legacy, I am thrilled to introduce the K.Haring Collection,” said Sasha Kadey, Chief Marketing Officer of Greenlane and Creative Director for the K.Haring Collection. “The art world has long had an intertwined relationship with cannabis and has in many ways been instrumental in the advancement of the industry. The K.Haring Collection will help our mission to destigmatize and elevate the cannabis experience. We are looking forward to offering this sophisticated glassware collection to Higher Standards customers both in stores and online as we continue to grow our house of brands and expand our direct to consumer business, offering innovative designs and products to consumers across the U.S.”

The collection is below:

K.Haring x BiC© Lighter, $5

K.Haring Taster, $30

K.Haring Tray, $60

K.Haring Dog Bat Catchall, $60

K.Haring Bat Man Catchall, $60

K.Haring Angel Catchall, $60

K.Haring Spoon, $50

K.Haring Bubbler, $120

K.Haring Rig, $180

K.Haring Water Pipe, $220


Haring is gone but not forgotten. Countless artists have been inspired by or copied his doodle style that can be found on murals all across the world. Owning a K.Haring glass piece keeps his memory alive.



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