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Girl Scout Cookies by HempKings




Who doesn’t love Girl Scout Cookies (GSC)? Whether you’re talking about the famed cookies or the famed cannabis strain, pretty much anyone can get down with the GSC. Of course, GSC from HempKings is even better! This flower had dense, large buds, twisting calyxes and was jam-packed with crystals and fuzzy with bright orange hairs. The fragrance was intoxicating on its own. As you unseal the signature black and gold package, the pungent sweet smells of some truly powerful flower will stimulate and intrigue your senses. Unlike some sweet strains, GSC has a balanced flavor profile with a little bit of savory to balance out sweet notes. The CULTURE team sampled this flower using a water pipe and a vaporizer. Flavors noted included the sweet, pungent savory blend noted in the fragrance, as well as a nice earthy finish. This flower provides a powerful effect, true to its hybrid nature. Euphoric, joyful and totally blissed out, this GSC will take the edge off without rendering you unable to go about your day. Perfect for a social gathering, an outdoor adventure, or a night in with your honey, there’s nothing this flower can’t do, except disappoint. Even the toughest critics will enjoy this tasty treat.

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