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Girl Scout Cookies





Available at LEAF in Bakersfield.

We have been craving cookies since we got word of this Girl Scout Cookie (GSC) sample coming to us. This pristine sample of Girl Scout Cookies from LEAF dispensary in Bakersfield was covered in glistening white trichomes, as if it had been rolled in white sugar. This strain mixture of a few parts OG Kush and a dash of Durban Poison is perfect. The buds we were blessed with smelled of an earthy bitter-sweetness. Out of a glass pipe, with a hemp wick, I was able to release the sweetness from the bitter. Of all the different GSC strains we have tried, this one provided us with the addictive glucose flavoring we crave. Like the freshly baked cookies from my grandmother’s oven, this GSC herb put me in a euphoric state of comfort that is not easily replicated.

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