Ghost Train Haze RSO Shatter by RSO+GO Available wherever: RSO+GO products are carried.

This alcohol-refined Ghost Train Haze RSO Shatter by RSO+GO is some of the best concentrate on the market. With over 95 cannabinoids, this concentrate is extremely powerful with no impurities to pollute the consumer. The RSO process is gentle and retains the plant’s natural oils and ingredients. Terpenes are infused back into the extract for optimal flavor and medicinal value. The color is a gorgeous light, translucent amber, and the texture of this concentrate is perfect and easy to work with. The CULTURE team used a water vaporizer to sample this lovely extract and noticed the earthy, citrusy flavor upon consuming it. While Ghost Train Haze is a sativa, this product is so powerful that the team didn’t notice many of the sativa qualities, just that it was extremely powerful inducing fatigue. This shatter is not for the casual cannabis consumer and should be reserved for patients or true connoisseurs.

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