Gelato Shatter

Available wherever Zlixir products are carried.

Golden, amber goodness drips flavor while maintaining the distinct shape of fine Swiss cheese. Zlixir delivers an exceptional extract with this Gelato Shatter. It’s going to be extremely difficult to find any other shatter with the beautiful translucence and ideal texture present in this tasty treat, guaranteeing its pureness and cleanliness. Firm, yet soft to the touch, this shatter is extremely easy to handle, even in the heat. Scrumptious citrus scents transport users to the tropics upon the first scent of this shatter and leave the patient dreaming about its aroma long after it’s put away. Never does this shatter feel harsh upon consumption; it maintains a smooth and light taste from start to finish. Consume with modesty, Zlixir’s Gelato Shatter destroys insomnia and restlessness with its THC content over 80 percent!

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