Gelato Shatter

Available at Theraleaf in San Jose.

Tangy and packed to the brim with flavor, Gelato is a seriously terpene-rich concentrate. Every single slab is a screaming yellow color that is as clear as a window pane, suggesting no impurities. Decked out with the full profile of citrus taste, a sweet orange flavor cascades like a waterfall over a pool of lemon and lime deliciousness. Gelato Shatter is the brainchild of True Gold Labs, a company that has definitely hit the nail on the head. This is the perfect choice for those moments when one is trying to relax but still looking for some focus; there is a total sense of clear headedness with this particular extract. Consumers will definitely appreciate how easily the oil will pull and snap, making for an easy-to-handle extract. Theraleaf is the go-to spot for Gelato Shatter.

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