Gelato by HempKings Available wherever: HempKings products are carried.

Oh Gelato. Much like its namesake, this flower is a tasty treat. HempKings does it again with some fragrant, tasty and strong flower. The black and gold bag unsealed to reveal a heavenly scent. Sweet, pungent and earthy, this flower is reminiscent of a savory flavored confection like basil ice cream. The flower was dense, with medium-sized nugs. It had a beautiful lime green color and was jam-packed with crystals. When the CULTURE team sampled this flower using a water pipe and vaporizer, the flavor was consistent with the fragrance, with a forward sweetness and a more subtle earthiness. The effects of this flower were in true hybrid style, offering the best of both worlds. An immediate blissful calm took over, followed by a giddy euphoria and a light burst of energy. This hybrid would be the perfect companion for basically any activity. Whether you’re looking to chill at home alone, or go on a hike with friends, Gelato by HempKings may offer you what you need, chilling you out without tiring you out.

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