Gelato #41


Available at Collective efforts in Sacramento.

Collective Efforts in Sacramento steps up their Cookies game to new levels with this batch of Gelato #41—offering everything you’d want from the Cookies line in 2015. Gelato #41 is part of a slew of variants on Cookies’ core genetics. It’s hyper-dense, hyper-resinous and often purple, with a ground aroma of fuel and dark berry sherbet dessert. One nug is capable of perfuming an entire room. Flavor hunters—get ready to be sedated. Even the sealed baggy was on-point, rocking Cookies branding. Gelato #41 smoked extremely potent, with huge gelato flavor. Patients are vaping, or better yet, smoking indica-dominant flowers for fast-acting relief from nausea, stress and pain. Terpenes are therapeutic all on their own, and Cookies’ combines both its aromas and high-THC levels to create its blockbuster effects.

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