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[dropcap class=”kp-dropcap”]T[/dropcap]he garden has been in harvest mode for the past month. The first plants to ripen were the Gelatos, both in the greenhouse and outdoors. The ER Superbuds, which were forced to flower barely out of clonehood, followed about a week later. These plants grew no branches, just a straight stem surrounded by buds.

There were also a couple of sativas that grew well vegetatively, but never really budded out. The light wasn’t bright enough for them. They were wasting in this garden, and they took up space, but were not worth harvesting. It was only in mid-season that I learned they were not clones but seedlings from an untested cross! Oh well.

Now there are only two plants from the greenhouse and three of the outdoor plants left. They need another 10 days to finish, and luckily the forecast for the next week is sunny and partly cloudy weather with highs in the 70s, which is perfect weather for plant ripening.

The position of the sun has changed with the season, placing it lower on the horizon. It casts more shade than direct light on the yard. I moved all of the plants to the sunniest section of the garden, close to a white wall that reflects light back to them. This increases the total light they receive, including ultraviolent type B (UVB), which is blocked by plastic.

Meanwhile, the plants are in various stages of drying/curing. When they were cut they were hung, unmanicured. The drying area has a bit of ventilation and a temperature that stays in the 60s and a humidity that remains in the 50 percent range. This is a great temperature/humidity combo for a slow dry/cure.

The first plants are smokable, dry and have been manicured. They have been placed in a jar with a humidity pack to keep them fresh.

So far, I have manicured Gelato that consists of small, dense buds that have a fruity odor. The smoke expands a bit, and the first part of the effect comes on quickly, then envelopes you with its rhythm. It’s a good bud to socialize with.




1. The greenhouse before the plants were harvested.

2. Immature bud. It will ripen within 10 days.

3. Three plants are still ripening.

4. An ER Superbud drying.

5. Bowl of Gelato buds. They would have been tighter if they had more light.




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