Available at Infinite Wellness in Lakewood and Fort Collins.

Ever since American Beauty, people have been obsessed with this supposedly government created super smoke. Zero paranoia? Where do we sign up? Even the most seasoned stoner can get a touch of anxiety, so we had to pick up this gorgeous G-13 from Infinite Wellness. With shops in Lakewood and Fort Collins, we wouldn’t be surprised if this was grown at a secret mountain facility with the large clusters of trichomes clinging to our fingers. Richly fruity with a lingering spice, it’s like a strawberry field dusted by a drone with cracked black pepper. After a few hits of the indica-dominant dynamo, we completely forgot about our pain as if zapped by one of those Neuralyzers from “Men In Black”. Sure, there might have been a little cotton mouth that followed, but with the mood boost and perma-grin on our face, we’re happy to drink the KoolAid on G-13.

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