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Fresh Off The Bud Skywalker OG Shatter





Available at Left Coast Collective in Pacific Beach.

Made from nug run live resin Skywalker OG, this shatter from Left Coast Collective is the cream of the crop. It has an easily pliable consistency and a color that is like the sun shining through an amber colored stained glass window. This shatter was obviously well-purged, hence the clear coloring. Aromatically, the natural terpenes really shine through with a pleasant sweet smell that has a slight OG aroma. The flavor is a delight to the taste buds, being both citrusy and piney, with a hint of fuel. The hit is powerful, yet clean. The effects are immediate, and provide relief for both physical and mental ailments. Pain will melt away, and insomnia is no match for this shatter. While most may consider this a nighttime medicine, more experienced patients will be able to handle its intense effects throughout the day.

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